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Videography Services

Don’t have the time to learn it all for yourself? Let an expert do the work for you. I provide extensive freelance videography services whether you’re looking for a promotional video for your blog or business, or regular Youtube content. We can negotiate what you need me to do, and how much you want to do to make this project happen.

I specialize in short form promotional videos for your website or sharing on social media. Speaking of social media – I can create custom Facebook or Instagram video campaigns that draw more engagement from your audience and show off your products and services.

Email me at to talk about projects & pricing.


Video maker pro training program

Three one-hour teaching & coaching sessions that will take you from beginner to pro online video maker.

In these three, one hour sessions we’ll take you from video hopes and dreams to an actionable, direct strategy for making video a part of your regular online content. Since these sessions are one-on-one, I can meet you where you’re at, and we can work on your own specific needs. Whether you’re starting from the very beginning, or know a bit about cameras but not much about editing, I can help you improve to the next level. To round out this coaching session, I’ll set you up for success by sending you a workbook to prepare for our session, as well as a follow up up with you after our sessions to set goals for moving forward in the future.

Who is this package for?

  • Entrepreneurs and small biz owners who want to take their marketing to the next level
  • Bloggers and online content creators looking to make the leap into the realm of video
  • Social media mavens who want to kick up their game with videos for Facebook, Instagram & more
  • Aspiring Youtubers who have a lot of heart, but not much tech know-how

Why does this method work?

  • Since we’re meeting one-on-one, I can really get to the heart of what you want to learn. No one-size fits all e-course, no generic tutorials, this is exactly what you need to learn, when you need to learn it.
  • We’ll set you up for success. Complete with a workbook for before, and a follow up after, this coaching session series is by no means stand alone. We’ll make sure you set goals and prioritize your learning before we start so you can get the most out of our time together.

Coaching sessions are now booking up for summer 2017. To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, email me at

Photography Services

Whether you need professional portraits or product shots, I can take stunning photographs to represent your brand. I specialize in fashion and beauty product photography (including styled fashion shoots) but I’m adaptable and ready to take on any project your small business needs.


For more information about projects and pricing, please email me at

Photography: Learn to do-it-yourself

Want to take your brand or blog’s photography into your own hands? Take my comprehensive e-course to learn everything you need to know about taking beautiful photos to represent yourself or your business.