Bloggers, though not necessarily graphic designers by trade, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of good typography. And for a good reason. The same way that eyebrows frame the face, the font of your titles and blog logo frame the content of your blog. It’s essential that you have a typeface that fits your personality, the subject matter of your blog, and is functional. So to help budding bloggers explore this new territory, I’ve complied a list of five important tips to remember when you’re selecting the font for your blog title and blog content.

Question 1: Sans Serif, or Serif?

This is an essential place to start, because from here we can branch off into a lot of different styles and kinds of fonts. To me, sans serif says modern and to the point and serif says classy, elegant, girly. On top of these two main categories, you will also find subsets, like script fonts, “handwritten” fonts, etc. Those can be great for a title, but aren’t as good for use in the body text.



Question 2: What vibe do you want to portray?

Now it’s time to sit down and have a good old fashioned brainstorming session. What adjectives would you use to describe your blog? What is your blog about? Think through these questions and come up with a list of descriptive words. Then, try searching them along with the word “font” or “typeface” for inspiration. Some examples that you might look for include:



Question 3: Is my blog title legible?

Arguably one of the most important questions in this set: can you even read the title? The last thing you want is to pick a super cool font, only to realize that a few of the letters in your blog name are extremely hard to read. Here are some examples of fonts that might not be so great for blog titles (at least, my title in particular)

Default Photoshop Size

Question 4: Can I repeat this font elsewhere?

Another really important part of branding is being able to use your typeface and colours throughout your blog and social media. It’s really important that your entire blog only uses two or three fonts at the most. My personal favourite strategy is to use one font that has a variety of different weights (meaning bold, italic, etc) so you can change things up in different graphics. This is important so that all of your blog graphics and other graphic elements in the sidebar, etc, are all on brand.

So those are my tips for picking your typography. Let me know on Twitter, or in the comments, if you have any tips yourself.