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DIY Blog Photo Background Ideas

Anyway, today’s topic is one of my favourites: DIY blog photo background ideas. I don’t know about you, but I love beautiful well branded blog photos, taken with cute props and a perfectly matching background. I used to read blogging blogs longingly, wondering how they created such masterful shots (is it Photoshop? a beautiful built-for-bloggers mansion in Southern California where everything is on brand?). But once I started experimenting with my own blog photography, I realized that a lot of those pretty pictures can be easily replicated with just a few DIY ingredients. So today I wanted to talk about 4 genius DIY blog photo background ideas that you can copy now to start creating your own blogger dream house photos!

PS. Before we hop in to the DIYs, I wanted to let you know that this weekend, my friend Jess and I are hosting an awesome live workshop all about blog photography and branding! You can sign up fo’ free right here! (Seriously, you won’t want to miss it. Jess is a branding expert, and we’re dropping some serious knowledge bombs. Plus a special renouncement if you stick around until the end!)


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Okay, have you signed up? Awesome, let’s get into it.

White Background DIY

One of the most simple, but also the most essential blog photo backgrounds is the classic plain white. It’s great to use to make products stand out, or to simply have a blank canvas to start from. It works with any colour scheme you might be concocting, and it provides and even colour balance. There are a lot of really easy and inexpensive ways to create a plain white background.

One of my favourite strategies is to simply use a piece of white bristol board. It’s really cheap, and easy to store because it’s so thin. All you need to do is set it on a sturdy, flat surface (ideally near a window) and shoot away!

diy blog photo background ideas

Another really straightforward option is white foam board. This provides a bit more sturdiness of it’s own, so you could set it on carpet or a bed, and it would still give the same flat surface effect you would need a desk or table to create with bristol (or poster) board.

Finally, if you are a beauty blogger – I have the solution for you. One of the biggest pains about shooting makeup photography is that you can almost count on your perfect white background to be dusty and gross after just a few photo shoots. So, instead of getting poster board after poster board, pick up on of those huge flip chart note pads. It’s the same principle as poster board, but as soon as your canvas gets dirty, all you have to do is flip over the page and get a fresh start.

Marble Photo Background DIY

Some of my most liked (and most asked about) Instagram posts feature a classy, marble background. The marble trend blew up in the blogging world in 2015, and it’s been going strong every since. Everyone loves the effortlessly classy look of beauty products (or anything really!) on a marble background.

But do you really need marble counter tops to get it right? Definitely not.


diy blog photo background ideas

This one is so easy to emulate, and there are two inexpensive and simple ways to do it. First of all, a really clever and easy option is to head over to your local hardware store, and get some tile samples. Often you can get these for free, for people who are “thinking about remodelling their kitchen.” Just pretend you’re considering changing up your floors, and you can grab some marble resembling tile. Bada-boom, you’re done.

If you’re looking for something even more DIY, then you can pick up some marble textured contact paper on Amazon. It’s really inexpensive, and you get a roll of a big ol’ marble looking sticker to use as you please. You could cover a foam board with this, and create a cute laptop case while you’re at it. Or, if you’re like me, you can just keep the sticker on the role for amazing portability. Easy peasey.

White Wood Boards DIY

Another popular photo staple of the blogging world is the effortlessly beachy look of white wood. Whether it’s your airy loft’s rustic floors, or a minimalist picnic table, this wood effect looks really pretty. It’s perfect for makeup and accessory shots, but can be used for really just about anything. Now, you obviously don’t need actual white wood floors to make this look happen. All you need is some craft wood from Michael’s and some white paint.

diy blog photo background ideas

Just hot glue together a few sticks of crafting wood, paint it white, and all of the sudden you’ve got yourself a super easy DIY white wood floor. Just crop your photo tight, and no one will ever know that it’s not the flooring of your fancy beach home. Score!

Branded Colour Background DIY

Branding your blog photos is a seriously awesome way to make all of your blog come together in one big visual hug. (And, it also builds your authority and influence in your niche. Who knew?!) Speaking of branding, I wanted to mention again that I’m hosting a live workshop this weekend that you might be interested in! We’re talking branding, blog photography and how to win the internet (okay, maybe not the last part). Sign up!

So what’s one super simple way to start branding your blog photos? Easy, go out and get some poster board or a thin sheet of ply wood. Then, paint that surface with one of your brand’s colours. Finally, start taking photos of stuff on that background. Ta-da! There you have it, an awesomely branded blog photo. And it wasn’t tough at all.

This can be a great way to make your photos stand out from all the other marble and white background photos, and it identifies your brand. It’s the perfect blog branding two-in-one.

So there you have it, folks! Four super easy, and super cool DIY blog photo backgrounds. Go forth, and take awesome photos.

And remember to sign up for my webinar this weekend!

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